I’m Fotis

I Design Develop Promote Web Projects

I’m Fotis

I Design Develop Promote Web Projects


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Personalization. Detail. Efficiency. These features always frame my projects.
I work methodically and look for the optimal solution. This way, I ensure the best results & happy partners. 

I design and develop websites from scratch using WordPress based on clients’ needs and empathize with UX for a user-friendly, responsive, and functional deliverable.

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Contact: [email protected] , +30 6981603531
Languages: English , Greek
Age: 24
Residence: Greece
2 +
Years of Experience
10 +
Project Participation
20 +


What I Do


Be accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Build trust and credibility with the world

UX Design

Get the optimal experience for your users & clients. Create loyalty and improve your brand awareness

QR Codes

Converting any document from paper to digital makes QR code an ideal solution for every business


Digital Marketing is the most effective way for people to know your business, products, or services


How I Work

Step 1
We Define the project's
  • Purpose
  • Type
  • Goal
  • Target Audience
  • Strategy
  • Content
Based on the requirement I Gathering Relevant Information and proceed the market research
Step 2
With all the collecte information for the project, I created a custom layout that meets all the requirements in a clear hierarchy. I design around the user experience and responsiveness to produce the optimal solution. In cooperation with the designer, the final interface is ready for developing.
Step 3
In the developing process, the project comes to life while maintaining the essence of its purpose. The main focus is given to the navigation structure & core functionality. Following by accessibility standards, speed optimization & SEO fundamentals.
Step 4
Your Project is Ready! That doesn’t mean it is over after deployment. Many post-deployment tasks take place. Keeping everything up to date and monitoring is the only way to ensure security and stability over time. If needed, a training section will take place to introduce the management environment, the update process for your system & content, or everything else is required.
Step 5
Once everything is ready and functional is about time to promote your project.Connect your brand with your audience, and increase credibility and trust.
Digital Marketing offers:
  • Measurable efficiency
  • Costs less than other forms of advertising
  • Much more immediate results.
  • Total control & immediate readjustment of the appropriate strategy


My Experience

I am experienced in web development, marketing, and HR management, and I have earned over 20 certificates. I have developed a versatile skills that enable me to think creatively and strategically while always seeking the optimal approach to maximize productivity and engagement.

My portfolio is coming soon!


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